Steps To Increase The Cybersecurity Grading Of A Company 

A security breach or hack mostly happens due to ignorance. Companies fail to realize how vulnerable unprotected IoT devices are even after spending millions of dollars in strengthening the infrastructure that can collapse overnight if the business gets hacked. Sadly, more than 80% of potential businesses that fall to hacking never flourish again. This makes hacking a global problem since it ends up negatively affecting the overall economy every year.

Unlike what some might believe, unethical hackers can be defeated if only companies start investing money in the right areas that need tighter security. If you’re an aware person, then the guide below – a list of the best cybersecurity methods to increase the security level of the company – will help you in successfully preventing most online security breaches.

  1. Use First Three Protection Layers

The first protection film between the internet and your software is a strong backdoor password. Use a unique, at least 20 characters long, lock code for the DVR and mobile IoT devices.

The second protection film is the firewall. A firewall can identify phishing scams and malicious malware-infected websites. It filters all unwanted files and links from the internet and blocks them automatically.

The third protection film is an antivirus. An antivirus software identifies virus threats in devices, software, websites, and email links. So, always use it to scan the devices that you plan to attach to the DVR. Also, use it to run frequent system scans to identify any file that might be carrying a hidden virus.

  1. Use Firebreaks

Firebreak signifies the network segmentation method. When you divide sensitive company information into multiple small fragments and store those fragments in different networks, the process is called as network segmentation. Use the first 3 protection layers for each individual segment. In this way, you’ll be protecting your company from hacking damage because decoding and infiltrating one network would still keep other networks safe.

  1. Use Network And Software Scanning Tools
  • Network scanning is required to identify bugs in the cloud system
  • Software scanning is done to identify bugs in the system

Buy professional services instead of using armature scanning apps so that no bug goes unnoticed.

Other ways to debug the cloud and system storage are given below.

  • Taking help of smart ethical hackers with a knack to testing software codes to locate and fix rare bugs in lieu of a bounty. You may hire them as well
  • Not using pirated software versions and installing software updates constantly
  • Vacuuming the system to trash buggy old files and obsolete software