5 Unique Stages In A Web Application Development Process

Web application is one important technological tool required by most of the business these days. If you are really interested to know about how a web application is developed then go through this article.

The 5 unique stages in a web application development process are as follows:

  1. Understand Your Product

This stage includes the road-mapping of your web application product. You will to get answers on what, when and why with regard to your business strategy, marketing strategy, pricing strategy and release of products. In this stage, you need to plan your phases of research and development about your product. The web app development cost goes high if you have no idea about what kind of web app are you looking for your business.

  1. A Thorough Business Analysis

One of the biggest problems in web app development is not matching with the requirements of the stakeholders. Due to this, the web app developers have to redo their work that may lead to a higher web app development cost and can delay the product delivery. The developers must learn to speed up the development process by proper coding so you don’t have to make your stakeholders wait for days or hours together to see the results on their webpage. Once your problem is escalated to the IT department, the bridge between the product developers and the stakeholders is built. These IT specialists then rebuild the entire web app development strategy in  stipulated period of time to prevent further delay in business functioning.

  1. Extensive Research

This research work includes a task to find out efficient and skilled backend and front end framework developers. They are also called project architecture. They help to design and eliminate some foreseen critical issues that may abruptly arise in the near future. They also keep a track of how the data or information on the web will be managed. Extensive research is done post mapping the business requirements of a web application. This stage helps you to reduce the web app development cost.

  1. Software Designing

Software used in developing a web application is designed after a thorough round of discussion with the designers and developers. The design is finalized only after the completion of the designing stage of a web app. It is extremely important for the software designers to understand the business requirements and work towards them all. If there is any discrepancy in the design of the software then it is changed after the approval of a software architect or designer.

  1. The Development Stage

This is the final stage in the web app development process. Since it is very important to erase any errors or incompetent procedures blocking the development of a web app, this stage is divided into three parts:

  • The overall designing of the web application
  • Front End Development (including cookie management, animation, API integration and calls, routing, etc.)
  • Back End Development (including database handling and management, session management, creating web-based security applications, etc.)

 All these stages will help you to bring down the web app development cost.