Choose the right inverter for your home installation

Inverter is considered one of the most complex and important components of an independent system which is widely used for converting DC into AC voltage. It also consists of a powerful battery for providing you backup when electricity drops. But to charge the battery, you need an inverter charger and maintain the backup for emergencies and supplying electricity in the premises. If you want to charge your inverter faster, then you can buy three phase inverter charger. But before buying an inverter you should keep some information to use it wisely.

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What are the various characteristics of inverters?

Physical attributes – there are two different types of inverters which you can purchase; one is transformer type and second is high frequency switching type inverter. Transformer type inverters are heavy, expensive, make buzzing noise and also have high surge capacity. High frequency switching type inverters are light weight, without audible sound, and also inexpensive. Thus, before installing you should look for the various attributes of the inverter and then install it safely in your house.

Battery charging features – mostly invertors have built-in battery charger that can charge the battery bank for emergency backups. Some inverters also come with 2 phase inverter charger that is also applied from a utility grid. It also provides sufficient energy supply for charging the batteries. It also makes an emergency backup for running various applications, based on your needs.

Power capacity – the capacity of an inverter basically depends on total appliances you want to use through it. So, if you want to get long backups then you should look for the battery capacity of your inverter. Inverters also come in various capacities like 12kv, 24kv, etc. So, you can choose them according to your needs. Inverters also have some electrical standards like DC input rating, AC output voltage and frequency.