Here’s How Car Accident Lawyers Help Their Clients

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It may take months to recover from injuries caused by a car accident. New York is a no-fault state for auto accidents. There are only special circumstances when you can step outside the no-fault car insurance system and sue the at-fault driver for their recklessness. Regardless of what situation you are dealing with, you may want to speak with an attorney about your claim. In this post, we are discussing the role of car accident lawyers. 

Reviewing claims

Many people don’t think much after their car accident claim is denied by the insurance company. They are unaware of their rights or the worth of their claim and take things at face value. The good news is most attorneys and injury lawyers in New York offer free consultations for car accident victims. If you don’t understand what you expect in a settlement, an attorney can help evaluate your claim. 

Investigating car accidents

The insurance company is expected to investigate the car accident and review your claim, but you cannot expect the claims adjuster to be honest. These companies will do anything to protect their interests, and therefore, you need an attorney to do an independent investigation. Lawyers are capable of gathering details that you may not find otherwise. From videos, CCTV footage, and pictures of the accident scene to witness statements and police reports, they can gather information to strengthen your case. 

Talking to experts

Sometimes, the circumstantial evidence may not be enough to prove a car accident claim. That’s where attorneys rely on experts. Lawyers often rely on medical professionals to understand the injuries suffered by their clients, which allows them to set a value for the claim. They may even rely on accident reconstruction experts to prove fault. 

Taking cases to trial

Typically, car accident lawsuits are settled through negotiation. Taking your case to trial is certainly an expensive option but could be necessary for given circumstances. When you hire a personal injury lawyer, you can be assured that they wouldn’t be settling for anything less than what you deserve. If this means having an aggressive approach to the case, they will do that too. 

If you are wondering whether you can afford a car accident lawyer, you should know that PI lawyers don’t get an upfront fee or an hourly rate like regular attorneys. Instead, they go for a contingency fee, which is a share of the final settlement after you win.