Pros and cons of a dedicated server for web hosting

Dedicated servers are considered to be a good choice for a growing business. This is true and it offers a lot of benefits to the businesses which are transiting from smaller scale to the larger one. When you search for dedicated servers, you get to learn a lot about the benefits of using dedicated server hosting over shared hosting but there are only a few blogs written which tells about the issues with these servers. In most cases, you will experience the benefits but there are some drawbacks as well which must be considered before making a final choice. In this article, we will thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of using a dedicated server for your website hosting. Before digging more things in detail, let us understand what is a dedicated server?

Dedicated server: 

Servers are the computers or machines located at far places to host your data and websites so customers from all over the world can access them without any delay. There are different types of servers available and you can make your choice depending on the scale of your business, your personal preferences, and the budget which you have allocated for this purpose. Following are three major types of servers available to select from: 

  • Shared servers 
  • Dedicated servers
  • Cloud servers

For small businesses, shared servers are considered better because these are quite cheap, and you are not required to pay a lot for your small data. However, when you grow, you should wither shift to dedicated servers international or the cloud servers. Dedicated servers are the servers which host only a single site and the machine is allocated for your web only. This is the best thing a business can get on the web without owning anything in person. After paying a regular annual fee, you get complete control of the machine on which your website is online. 

Pros and cons of picking the dedicated servers: 

As mentioned earlier, there are more benefits of using the dedicated servers as compared to the disadvantages. However, you cannot ignore the drawbacks as these are important to consider while making the right choice. 

When we talk about the pros, the biggest advantage is the solo control of resources associated with the server. No one will share anything with you and as a result your website will enjoy complete bandwidth which will allow it to stay live all the time. Your data will be secured, and you will be able to provide your customers with a great experience. Further, you will not be worried about the increase in traffic as your business grow because dedicated servers have the capacity to manage huge traffics. 

However, there are two downsides of using these servers. First, you will be required to have a little know how of server management, especially when you are using the unmanaged version of dedicated server. Second, you will be required to pay more. A small business is normally not in the condition of bearing heavy expenditure when it has just started the business.