What is A Car Window Sticker or Decals?

To most people, a sticker or decals put on a car’s window is a just “window sticker”. Stickers and decals confuse many. Their meaning is subject to interpretation especially when the term “window” is added to the phrase. 

Some people view car window stickers as printed stickers put to cover the window but, they can be seen from outside. If you are thinking of buying a car window sticker or decals, here is a summary. In most cases, window stickers are used on car windows and, they come in different styles. It won’t surprise you to find people using them on storefronts or clear surfaces. Here is what you need to know about car window stickers and decals.

They are Used Only on Window Glass

Perforated Vinyl: They are material printed with full graphic colours on one side. That means, people can only see the image on the other side. You will see this type of decal on fleet graphics, a truck’s back window, or storefront windows.

Clear Static: Clear static stickers and decals can only be put inside the car window’s glass. If they are placed outside they will fly away. Their printing is done on the non-static side of the decals. That said, you shouldn’t use it as a car window sticker because it prevents visibility when it is applied. 

Clear Polyester on the front: Clear printed materials have different degrees of adhesive strength. You can either go for ultra-removable or permanent adhesive. We usually don’t recommend you use clear decals with adhesive because of their limitations. Bear in mind that any clear sticker material on a car’s window will block your visibility.

Double-Sided Decal: These types of decals are used on store windows and doors to convey a certain message to people. Since they require multi-levels of printing, they are expensive.

Stickers Used on Car windows and Decals

Clear Polyester: Most car riders use clear polyester or vinyl on their car windows when they want a small decal. Clear window stickers need a back of white ink for excellent visibility.

Vinyl cut deals: Vinyl cut decals are used in lettering or graphics but not printed. You can use them for a fleet of graphics or promotional decals.

Vinyl or polyester sticker: These kinds of stickers are used on a solid background. They are not large and can be used on windows. If these stickers are kept at a reasonable size they will allow for great visibility on a car’s window.


Depending on what you consider to be a car window sticker,  Bade Newby Display Limited will help you narrow down your choices. Most importantly, they will create excellent car window stickers that won’t block your visibility. You can use car window stickers to promote your business and make it stand out. What’s more, your car will look sassy and stylish. You will feel a sense of pride when you ride. If you want to look different now and then, you can’t go wrong when you put car window stickers or decals. We hope this article helped you learn all you need to know about car window stickers or decals.