Why Employee Discount Schemes make such Great Benefits

Employee discount schemes are dynamic for keeping the best employees right on board within your company. They are wide ranging and highly valuable to your staff and make this type of benefit one of the best you can offer.

Employee discount schemes are not expensive, easy to implement and employees will be using them all the time. One of the most popular employee discount schemes is achieved through shopping.

At FairCare Employee Benefits there is an employee discount scheme that offers staff and their close relatives (family members) discounts at over 1,600 different retailers and stores across the U.K.

Employees will be able to access the shopping discount program online. Once logged in there are ways to reload vouchers for further use and get more discounts, download a voucher that can be taken directly into a store or enter online competitions.

What Are the Benefits of Online Shopping Discount Schemes?

It is a way of attracting the best staff to your business. They will really love saving money while shopping through a discount scheme and it serves as a great way to get new employees of talent attracted to your company too.

It also benefits organisations such as your business by increasing the satisfaction of your employees. High morale often leads to greater production. Moreover, the employees themselves can really benefit from employee discount schemes where shopping and retail is concerned.

The staff can save hundreds of pounds every year and gain cashback incentives by purchasing more products through the scheme. There are even monthly lottery draws to engage in, localised offers (where you might get a 10 per cent discount at a high street restaurant in your local town) and competitions where cash prizes can be won.

Get Fit Down at the Gym

Fair Care Employee Benefits also have a substantial gym membership scheme available. There are over 3,000 gyms or health clubs across the UK engaged in the scheme. Employees will be able to access a wide range of wellness assignments and advice on keeping healthy.

It is widely known that fit and healthy employees take less absence, produce better results in the workplace and can teach them a range of self-disciplines.

Employee Car Schemes

An employee car benefits package can really make a difference. Fair Care Employee Car schemes helps employees save money on buying a new vehicle.