Getting compensated for trampoline injuries: Call an attorney

When it comes to family entertainment, trampolines are fun. Numerous trampoline parks operate in Georgia, while many homeowners also have trampolines installed in their backyard. Unfortunately, accidents involving these devices are quite common in the US. People have suffered serious trampoline injuries, including a broken neck, spinal cord damage, and paralysis. The question is simple – Who is at fault for such an accident? Is there any scope to recover compensation? Do you need to hire an attorney? In this post, we are answering some of the basic questions.

Finding fault and liability 

Trampoline accidents are often inherently complex. It can be hard to determine who is at fault. If you want to bring a personal injury claim in Georgia, you are in charge of proving everything and providing evidence. Typically, accidents can be attributed to – 

  1. Trampoline company in charge of rental and operation
  2. Management of the trampoline park
  3. An individual property owner
  4. The manufacturer

Usually, adventure parks get customers to sign a waiver citing the risks related to trampolines, but they are also in charge of maintaining safety. For example, all kids must be supervised at all times at a trampoline park, and the hard surfaces surrounding the device must be well-padded. If the park management failed to keep up with all that, they could be at fault. 

Hiring an attorney for trampoline injuries

In Georgia, personal injury laws protect the victims, and yet, not many people get compensated in such cases. It is important to understand that trampoline accidents are complex. For example, if you were trespassing on someone’s property, tried the trampoline, and got injured, you may not be able to hold the property owner liable for negligence. Also, it requires considerable effort to investigate such accidents. If you truly believe that you have a case, call an attorney for a free case evaluation. Lawyers can give an overview of what to expect in a settlement besides discussing other aspects, merits, and demerits. 

The cost of legal representation

Top lawyers in Atlanta work on a contingency fee for personal injury cases, including trampoline accidents. You don’t have to pay the lawyer if they cannot win a settlement for you. If the law firm is confident of winning the case, they can also help you with other expenses. The contingency fee of attorneys doesn’t typically go beyond 40% of the settlement. 

Call an attorney for your trampoline accident case evaluation now.