What Can you Expect from your Estate Planning Attorney?

An estate refers to anything that you own, including your property, jewelry, vehicles, money, and stocks. However, when you die, your estate must be distributed to your beneficiaries and rightful heirs, depending on your wishes. This is the reason you need an estate plan which covers legal documents that offer instructions. This plan will let you provide for your loved ones’ future when you die. But, because estate planning can be overwhelming, emotional, and stressful, it is best to consult with an estate planning attorney monroe nc to make sure all questions are addressed and sound decisions that surround your plan are made. Here’s what an estate planning lawyer can do for you:

Create a Will and Identify your Beneficiaries

Although you can easily find a will template on the internet, it may not suit your needs. Meeting with an experienced estate planning lawyer will make sure your will outlines everything you need and helps minimize the chances of court battles.  Your attorney is also a good resource to use when allocating assets to beneficiaries

Ensure Your Wishes are Carried Out by Somebody you Trust

A reputable estate planning lawyer can give advice on the best person to carry out your health wishes. They can serve as a third-party to guide you on deciding the best person to serve this role.

Protect your Family and Future Legacy

A knowledgeable estate plan lawyer will include elements like your will, list of beneficiaries, advance medical directive, durable power of attorney, a trust, and life insurance. Such a plan will make sure your loved ones don’t have to suffer economically when you die. Your attorney will make sure your legal documents have all the details laid out properly. Also, they will ensure your legacy is carried on for decades to come by making the right documents to execute your final wishes, family traditions and values, as well as funeral arrangements.