Why Is Seeking Legal Help from Employment Attorneys Necessary?

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Maintaining silence if someone is mentally agonizing you at your workplace, even if that someone is your employer, is as much a crime as torturing someone is. However, most employees who silently suffer aren’t aware of the fact that the state of New Jersey has made many laws to protect workers from workplace discrimination. If you feel that your employer has been exploiting you or demeaning you by treating you unfairly, you can consult a trusted New Jersey discrimination lawyer and find out the best options that are available for you to get justice. 

The many forms of discrimination and harassment that reputable attorneys handle have been listed below. Do have a look at them!

Racial and Ethnic Discrimination 

You cannot be mistreated, insulted, or denied a promotion because you are from a specific country or race. If that’s being done to you by your employer, you can file a case of discrimination. The court takes such cases of racial discrimination very seriously. The penalties imposed on the employers are huge! 

Gender Discrimination 

Women at many firms struggle with gender discrimination in two ways:

  1. They’re not considered for a higher designation or promotion despite they’re fully qualified. 
  2. They are not paid the same wages as men working at the same positions in the same office. 

Age Discrimination 

It’s heartbreaking when employers fire hardworking employees because they are aged. Employees in the 40s are subjected to this sort of discrimination the most. 

Disability and Pregnancy Discrimination 

Disabilities that do not hamper an employee from fulfilling a job requirement cannot be used as a reference to fire the employee. Also, treating pregnancy as a form of disability and firing a woman just because she’s carrying a child is illegal. 

Sexual Harassment 

Asking employees for sexual favors to get better work opportunities or passing obscene comments is a direct breach of law. It creates a toxic work environment and puts the harassed employee through mental trauma. 

If your employer or anyone from your workplace is making such obscene passes at you, you should seek legal assistance as soon as possible. 

Whistle-blower Harassment

Reporting illegal activities is not just a moral obligation but the legal duty of every employee. If you did what you were supposed to do and now you’re being mistreated because of it, know that many laws have been made to protect you. 

In a nutshell, if you’ve faced any of these issues, had to quit your job because of them, or are still facing them at your workplace, you’re not alone. Legal help from the right attorney at firms like Zatuchni & Associates is just a phone call away.