How To Choose The Best Storage System For My Company?

Storage systems are tools that allow us to store information. Any company that handles significant amounts of data, or that needs to have protection and safeguard measures can no longer dispense with storage solutions, whether local or on the network. In this article, we will explain the characteristics of the main storage systems, so that we can choose the most suitable storage system like the HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 for our business.

Das, Direct Attached Storage

A DAS system, or direct connection storage, as the same name says, can be as simple as a hard disk connected directly to our computer. The disk can also be connected to our server so that it is available to different users. Finally, it is also possible to connect several hard drives using a RAID system to combine them into a single logical drive.

The main advantages of a DAS system are:

  • It is the least expensivestorage system
  • It is very fast,not being connected through a network
  • For easy installation and configuration

Nas, Network Attached Storage

A NAS, or network connected storage, consists of a device connected to our network and that can be accessed by credentials by users, local and external, located anywhere in the world. A NAS HPE StoreEasy 1450 is equivalent to a private cloud and can also offer a wide range of features, from backups to advanced features such as thin provisioning, replication, and snapshots.

A  Clustered NAS consists of different servers sharing the same volumes, which allows a better distribution of workload.

In favor of choosing a NAS, we find:

  • It can be sharedamong multiple users
  • It is highly scalablein terms of capacity and performance
  • It offers thin provisioning,which allows you to limit the amount of storage available for each virtual host
  • It allows snapshotsto make backup copies or clone images of virtual machines
  • Abstractstorage management from the server
  • Simpleto use