How to play rummy like a pro!

Rummy has been a huge part of major celebrations in India, including Diwali, Weddings, picnics, etc. It can be a mere game of cards for some but for those who play, Rummy is a game larger than life. Be it online or offline nothing stands a chance to have your eyes if you are playing Rummy. What we Indians play is Paplu or the Indian Rummy which is an evolved version of the standard Rummy in South Asia which is known as Celebes Rummy.

Well, this fact is not unknown to Rummy players that the stakes are high in this game of luck. And where stakes are high, winning is the only option, isn’t it true? But victory does not come easily to anyone, especially when the game played is none but Indian Rummy. 

Here are the quick hacks that let you decide your fate in this game of luck. Before we share the quick cheat-sheet for playing Indian Rummy like a pro, we will take you through the gist of the game. For those who are just beginning to step further in this game, this is what you got to read. 

This game, defining in the simplest terms, is played to make the best combination of cards by forming sets or sequences. With a standard deck of cards with jokers and at least two players to play, the 13 card rummy game is all set to begin. The two types of groups of cards in Indian Rummy are i) sequence of the consecutive cards from the same suit and ii) 3-4 cards of the same value but a different suit, are known as a set. It might sound like an easy task to do with 13 cards in hand but, with the draw and discard of cards and the calculations going on in opponents’ minds, the game becomes much challenging and exhilarating as well. 

Now comes the main point, how to ace this game like a pro? As a player, one must need to be aware of the rules, but more than that, what brings one closer to the victory are strategic moves and tactics. And the strategy guide is-

  1. Focus on pure sequence- The trick that every rummy player knows and believes. Try to make a pure sequence, as soon as 13 cards get dealt. In this way, even if you lose, this would reduce the chance of a higher count. Complete savior if the opponent declares the game.
  2. Tracking opponents’ activities- The actions of opponents speak volumes in this game. Try and track what is cooking in their heads. Watchful eyes would give you an idea of what sequence or set the opponent is trying to make and so you can prevent yourself from not helping the opponents in creating a set or a sequence!
  3. Keep an eye on the discard section- What cards do you discard? Probably those, which are not helpful for set or sequence. The opponent is doing this too. Observe the discard section to read the cards in opponents’ hands. 
      • Discard the cards that are-Identical- Discard them at the earliest. Identical cards will add the score value and are of no use. So, better to get rid of them.
      • Of high value- Amateurs keep the high-value cards, but a crackerjack player would drop them. Since these cards might increase the score and would invite trouble if the opponent declares the game. Make it an objective to keep the score minimum.
  1. Do not take JOKER as a joke- The wildcard of the Rummy, the JOKER. Use this for your advantage. With extra care, use this card to make a non-pure sequence and while making a sequence, use JOKER intelligently.
  2. Use versatile middle cards for an advantage- With middle cards like 5 or 6, etc., multiple sequences can be formed easily. The options are various and better. For example with 5, the sequences can be- 3.4.5 or 4,5,6 or 5,6,7. 
  3. Select the right game- Know yourself, your level of expertise, and select the game type wisely. Different variants like Pool, Point, and Dummy are available online. Identify where you fit the most and improve skillfully and strategically. As an amateur, do not fall in the trap of high stake games. 
  4. Set cash limits- Exercising control is a must. When you begin to play Rummy, gradually shift to cash games from the free games. Start with a low stakes table, you can also use the online feature of setting cash limits. 
  5. Trick the trick- Reverse the most common tricks, and you can turn the match upside down. Like, most of the players discard high-value cards initially; you can prevent yourself from doing this till the 3rd-4th chance and see if, from discarded cards, you can form a sequence or set of your high-value cards. But try to use these tricks only when you think you are well- versed with the game and know what the opponent might do. 
  6. Know when to quit- Do not stretch the game if the cards are not in your favor. It is okay to quit and restart rather than losing with high scores. 

These tricks can take you a long way in Indian Rummy; not only when played offline but online too. With a handful of tricks and tactics, you can improve your game in no time. 

Three things that always work in your favor in Rummy are- 

  1. Focus,
  2. Cleverness, and
  3. Experience.

Also, keep in mind the few DONTs while you play Indian Rummy-

  • Not wait endlessly,
  • Do not play when overwhelmed, and
  • If you have bad streaks, do not play continuously.

These were the few hacks that can help you to get into the brains of the opponent and better your game. Also, know that your opponent must also be familiar with these tricks, so make sure that your actions are not predictable! Happy Playing!