6 Factors That Determine The Price Of Loose Diamonds in Dallas

Loose diamonds are a great choice since they are perfect or customized jewelry, there is nothing more unique than having jewelry that matches your personality with the diamond of your choice. Loose diamonds are diamonds that are not yet mounted to any metal and they have been polished and cut to their perfect state. Before you make your purchase in your loose diamonds make sure to consider some factors so you can set your mind on what diamond to buy. Getting the specific grading you want in a diamond can make your shopping easier. 

Factors that affect Loose Diamond pricing 

1. Carat Weight

The price of the diamond is determined by its carat weight. The bigger the carat the higher the price. One thing about diamond carat is making a wise choice, for instance opting for a carat weight that is below whole numbers can have a lesser price compared with diamonds with whole numbers. A 0.95-carat diamond can have a hundred bucks difference from that of a 1.0-carat diamond. They may have a small weight difference but a very high difference in their price. 

2. Cut

The cut is essential in the diamond 4cs, poorly cut diamonds can affect the overall quality of the diamond. Getting diamonds with an excellent cut can be best to guarantee the durability of your diamond. So dealing with a jeweler who has a skilled diamond cutter is the best choice. An excellently cut diamond can enhance the brilliance of a diamond, the more sparkly the more attractive it becomes and the more desirable. The cut of the diamond affects the light absorption of the diamond, Therefore it reflects more light too making the diamond sparkle more.   

3. Color

The color of the diamonds gives an impact on their price. The diamonds are graded according to their colorless stare, colorless diamonds top the list. Grade D, E, and F are categorized as colorless diamonds, they are rare and pricey. G, H, I, and J are classified as nearly colorless, this can be a good alternative for colorless ones since they still don’t have a visible yellow tint. Aside from the colorless diamonds, colored diamonds are pricey too, since they are rare and one in millions. Most of them are put at auction and are kept as a collectible due to their high value. 

4. Clarity

The clarity of a diamond refers to how flawless it is. When diamonds are formed there are inclusions that may appear on them and they are considered flaws. Diamonds with visible and too many inclusions have lower value and price. Flawless diamonds have the highest price when it comes to clarity grade, however like colorless diamonds they are rare. Diamonds that have lesser and are not visible by the naked eye can have a higher price and value. 

5. Shape

Each shape of the diamond has different pricing. A chart can be checked online to know the average pricing of each diamond shape. A Rapaport report is followed as the standard pricing for diamonds, so as a buyer better be familiar with it so you can have an idea of the price range of the diamond you want to buy.  The price of a diamond per shape depends on the effort exerted to get its shape, for instance, a round diamond requires removing most of the raw material to attain an excellent cut round brilliant diamond. That’s why they are the most expensive shape for diamonds. 

6. AGS or GIA Certified

A diamond’s authenticity can be proven by its certificate. Every diamond sold in the market should come with a certification. The more reliable diamond evaluator is the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society. If the diamond is certified by either both then they can be guaranteed. Make sure that your jeweler is tied up with a legit diamond evaluator to get an accurate grading report for your diamond. 

Checking on these 6 factors can help you get the highest grade of diamond you can find in the market. Having knowledge about the diamond can come in handy once you start shopping for one. You can be in the same boat as your jeweler once you discuss the properties you want in a diamond. It can make your shopping more convenient and time savings since you know what exactly are you looking for.