4 Facebook Advertising tips for your business in 2021

Are you looking to generate Facebook ads for your business, Or have you ever created a Facebook campaign but failed to achieve your desired result? We have got some Facebook advertising tips for you. These tips will definitely help you scale your business and grow your audience in 2021. 

1.Know your Facebook Advertising 

The very basic tip for creating Facebook ads is to know your audience first. It is important to understand your target audience before all the content creation and budgeting techniques. It might be a time-consuming task but will guarantee you revenue. 

Unlike Google, people aren’t searching things on Facebook; thus, it is difficult to target them with specific keywords. The best strategy is to understand your target audience and create your ads to drive better results. 

To have a better understanding of your audience, you can divide them into 3 categories: 

Core Audience: It is great to reach potential customers who don’t know you exist yet. This targeting helps you define audiences based on your preferable Location, Demographics, Interests, Behavior, Connections. 

Custom Audience: It is great to understand your custom audience to make stronger connections with people who have already visited your website or shown any other interest in your online business. 

Lookalike Audience: Lookalike audiences are important because they can help you reach and connect with people who are likely to be interested in your offers.

2.Use Automatic Placements

The most challenging task is to decide where you should place your ads, especially when you are starting with pubblicità facebook and don’t have enough experience with testing different placements with your target audience. 

This is the reason we recommend you opt for automatic placements. When you choose automatic placement, Facebook does the job for you and shows your ads across those placements where your ads are most likely to drive better results. Relax, and sit to count your conversions. 

3.Plan your Facebook ad budget 

The common question that people ask: How much should I budget for Facebook ads? Well, that’s the important question to ask, but here’s something more to it. Start with defining your goals instead and track the right metrics.

Is your goal to grow your Facebook audience? 

Do you want to get new email subscribers? How many?

Do you want product sales? If yes, what’s your revenue target? The average revenue per sale?

Based on all these questions, you’ll be able to estimate the number of sales needed to hit revenue targets. This will help you calculate the budget for Facebook Ads to reach your goals and make your Facebook ads profitable.

4.Create better ads 

No matter how well you target your well-calculated ads, if you select a generic photo with messaging that took 5 minutes to write, you’ll be wasting your precious ad money.

Ensure the photos you use have the right tone are appropriately cropped, not blurry or pixelated. It isn’t much work in comparison to the results achieved.