The Essence Of Photography

Essence of Light Photography | Photography by Jed Wee

The essence of photography is in the look, in the desire to convey the moment’s feeling, in the search to transmit a perspective through an image with richness in its composition.

It is this essence that makes us photographers and not photo-takers. Handling a camera and representing what the eyes see is possible for every human being. But capturing the image while observing the moment and portraying an event to tell its story with sentiment realizes us as event photographers. We are dispensing with theoretical knowledge and photographic techniques from a distance, as they are indispensable to have a good result. Still, they will be useless if there is no essence of photography. We take photos, record moments, immortalize images. Any terms used to describe the work we listen to with affection because we know that this is how most people describe our way of uniting theory, practice, and the essence of photography, resulting in beautiful images.

Make rain, sun, snow whether it’s day or night. Everywhere you can create incredible moments and photographs that come from the union of reason and emotion. Finally, here’s the question: “Do you take pictures?”. We turn moments, often dreamed and planned, into images that will remind you of one of the most important days of your life.

Why We Need Light

Storms are also rich in interesting lights, as it makes the sky more intense and the clouds darker. The same goes for clear days, where you can highlight only the object, and it should not necessarily leave shadows and contrasts in the photo.

The quality of the light depends only on the condition you are looking for or are interested in, even if it is not exactly what you want, but also because we do not have the power to change. Anyway, you will always have the option to wait for the light for unique and important photos and then capture that image with that light that you want. As much as light is needed, editing is also needed some sites like with tips and software.