The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Using Torrent

When it comes to downloading valuable materials in a convenient and fast way, Torrentz stands out as the perfect tool for it. It will allow you to download large files quickly and easily. Through torrent software, you can download games, movies, music, applications, pictures, and videos. You can easily connect with all the communities and people and share your materials with the rest of the world.

Pros and cons of using torrents

Even though torrent allows people to download all their favorite and valuable materials, it also comes with several pros and cons. To know what they are, check the information below.


  • Torrent comes with peer-to-peer protocol along with secure and safe downloading because it’s relayed on the central server. When one server is not active, you can choose the other servers to complete the downloading process.
  • You can still download a torrent file in a slow connection pretty quickly when compared with other downloading methods.
  • Even if your device suddenly shuts off or you are experiencing issues with the internet, there is no need to start downloading from scratch. Once your connection is stable, you can continue the downloading process.
  • Finding torrent files is pretty easy as there are many websites out there that offer a massive library of high-quality torrent files.


  • When you use the torrent software, you expose your IP address to multiple people within the group. So, if you wish to keep your privacy protected, you need a VPN for it.
  • When you use BitTorrent, you will be downloading and uploading the files at the same time. This might have a massive impact on your internet connection. On certain occasions, you will not get the chance to conduct easy tasks, such as opening a site.
  • You can review a file right before you download it. You might get to see what exactly the file has in store, but there is no way you can see its quality. If you wish to do quality checks, you can do so through the online reviews provided by other individuals.

Parting Thoughts

The torrent software stands out as a tool that provides a timely and quicker way to download all the materials that are available online. Even though they might have some disadvantages, they are one of the fastest downloading tools available in the market today. You will face no interruption during the downloading process, and no matter how big the file is, it will get downloaded in a matter of minutes.