Starting Up A Window Fitting Business.

How to Start a Window Installation and Repair Business

Are you thinking of launching a window fitting business? It’s the season to be jolly, and your home should be part of the festivities. With the holiday spirit being upon us, it’s a great time to decorate your home, taking the opportunity to complement your lifestyle, draw admiration from the  neighbours and test out your artistic skills. Getting the kids into it too makes for a great way to bond. The best part is that you are only bound by your imagination. You can go for anything from a formal look to a whimsical feel, tell a story that’s in line with the season, or aim to amaze with unique and unpredictable designs. You don’t have to break the bank to do it either. Here are a couple of suggestions that you can work with to accentuate your windows.

Domestic or industrial work

The first thing is knowing the style of housing in your place. For instance, do you see large or small houses? Are they old houses or new houses? Are they modern or conventional houses? Does the house look well-maintained or run down? Look at the type of windows they have? This is called a fact-finding. It will tell you more about the kind customers or clients you are likely to have.

Doing so will also help you learn how to best market them or reach out to them. These small details will help you with planning your window fitting business. Besides that, you can also find out the kind of products or services that you can sell the local customers. Finally, figure out if you may want to travel to other areas to do the job.

Work for other businesses

What You need to think about buildings in your area like shops, pubs, offices, churches that may need window replacement and doors. These commercial businesses can be potential clients if you do a thorough job at marketing yourself. If you have known your potential clients, you can invest your money in advertising them. In your advertisement, you need to know the types of windows system they need and other services they may need from you. How you market to other businesses will be different from how you market to the local clients.

Contract and subcontract work

One way of getting clients is by approaching other businesses that may need your help like local building contractors, property developers, and shopfitters. Large window installation firms are always looking for sub-contractors and freelancers daily. You need to approach them to see if they have some additional work that needs extra help. Other major users of construction services are the local authority. They may not offer you the job but you may need to include yourself to the list of “approved contractors.”

Know Your Competitors

Once you have known who your clients are, you may need to know how they are served. The first thing you need to do is check on and search for window consultants or find other local directories. You can also search online for window or double glazing installers. The idea here is to look at your competitors and find out, the products they are offering, what else they are doing differently, the reviews they have and so on. Here is windows-Middlesbrough, you will see how presentable they are in their service offering.