The Right Options for the Herbal Oil Now

Regular care products contain many, many ingredients or additives. You can think of preservatives, dyes, plasticizers, thickeners, fragrances, stabilizers and so on. It has sometimes been claimed that an adult puts around 350 different, often chemical, substances on his hair or skin … you can look at a random label of such a product yourself. A list of 10-15 ingredients is no exception, even with so-called ‘natural’ products.

What do we think are natural products

We mean by natural products, products that have as few other ingredients as possible, as content only the natural substance , that is what we strive for. So if we are talking about Argan oil, then the bottle should really contain Argan oil and not, as so often, a few percent Argan oil and the rest other additives or additives. From a legal point of view it can still be called Argan oil, even though the product only contains a small amount of real Argan oil. With iHerb discount codes to save more you can make the online purchase.

That is why we have not certified our products for the label “organic”. A skin care product only needs to have a very small percentage of organic ingredients in order to be called organic. In addition, our products often come from fruits and seeds that grow in the “wild” these can never bear the predicate organic that is only possible for grown or grown products.

We also think it is important that the natural product has been processed as little as possible after the natural product has come out of the seed, nut or kernel. Unprocessed natural products must remain pure and pure, so no complicated ‘production’ methods. Indeed, there are indications that operations, such as heating, reduce biological activity. That is why, in our opinion, a natural care article must always be unprocessed or raw.

Benefits of natural products

In addition to the often powerful effect of natural products, a major advantage of natural products is that you know what you use on your skin, the largest organ of the human body. The number of ingredients is minimal, easy to read and understandable. An example of such a simple, understandable excipient is natural vitamin E or tocopherol. We sometimes add this to our natural products in a very low concentration. Natural, unprocessed products are sometimes more sensitive to yeasts, molds and oxidation, reaction through contact with oxygen, than chemically processed products. A low concentration of vitamin E can reduce the growth of yeasts and fungi; furthermore vitamin E inhibits the reaction with oxygen. Chemically processed, refined or hot-pressed products are much less sensitive to yeasts and fungi, and with those products it is often omitted from the expensive vitamin E.

Another advantage is that you can easily mix natural products together. This way you can make your own natural care product, completely tailored to your skin. Now in your purchase you can go for the iherb australia discount code.

Usually natural care products come from natural sources that are ‘renewable’, so a bush or tree does not have to be cut down to obtain the natural product. You can harvest nuts, seeds and seeds without damaging the tree or shrub. From an environmental point of view, natural products are therefore a good choice.

Hypersensitivity and allergy

Less than with chemical care products but something that can occur with natural care products are a hypersensitivity reaction. This is often expressed in itching and a red rash. Unfortunately, that is never completely preventable and this is a natural reaction that can also occur with other natural products such as apples or peanuts.